Storage Unit Tips

Before you move in:

  • Plan your storage space and rent the size space that you need.
  • Use our space calculator or speak to one of our managers for assistance.
  • Be prepared with proper packing supplies.
  • We carry an assortment of supplies from dish and wardrobe boxes to bubble wrap and blankets Ask us about our “Buy Back Program” for any unused boxes.
  • Rent the size space that you need.
  • Use our space calculator or speak to one of our managers for assistance.

Packing your storage unit:

  • Try to leave space for air circulation and if possible elevate items off the floor with wood pallets.
  • If placing items directly on the floor of your storage unit, cover the floor with plastic.
  • Place items you may need often in the front.
  • Place more valuable items like electronics in the back.
  • Try to incorporate an aisle for reaching items in the back of your storage unit.
  • Try to select uniform sized boxes to maximize your space and make stacking easy.
  • Always place heavy boxes on the bottom.
  • Label your boxes and be sure to place fragile items on top.
  • Full boxes are less likely to be compromised when being stacked.
  • Furniture with drawers and large appliances can be utilized as storage space for fragile or bulky items.
  • Sofas, loveseats, tables, and mattresses, can be stored on end to maximize floor space.
  • Cover with plastic to protect from dust.
  • Never place sharp items on top of upholstery and prop mattresses up straight so they will not sag.
  • Never store anything combustible, toxic or perishable in your storage unit.

Storage FAQ's

Contracts and Leasing

  • All contracts are done by month to month lease.
  • You are required to have a government issued photo ID and verifiable address and phone number to lease a storage unit.
  • You must advise the rental office in writing of any change in address, phone number, and e-mail address and receive our acknowledgement in writing for it to be considered valid.


  • We advise all customers to have insurance to protect their property.
  • We may require proof of your insurance coverage prior to leasing.
  • You can move in during normal access hours if the space you request is available.

Payments and Billing

  • We must verify your unit as vacated by the end of the month to stop billing.
  • Payments must be received before the first of the month, and can be made in person, mail, or through our website.
  • You may also sign up for automatic payments to be made from your credit card, checking or savings account.
  • We accept Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Accessing your Storage Unit and Moving In

  • At the time of leasing your storage unit, you will be given an access code to enter the gate and the building during normal access hours.
  • We carry locks, and a variety of packing and storage supplies.
  • We have discounted box bundles and a box buy-back program.
  • We have handcarts and dollies available for your use in our storage facility to help with your move.
  • You are not allowed to store liquids, explosives, flammable liquids, toxic materials, or perishables.
  • You may come by and tour our facility at any time during office hours, appointments are not required, but are appreciated.
  • You may reserve a unit in the office during office hours or at any time online at our website. Just click “Reserve a Unit”

Space Calculator

For space calculator please click here


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